In the famous words of DJ Khaled, we takin’ over one city at a time. With new Studios in Browns Plains, Myaree and South Perth; word is spreading about S30’s one-of-a-kind training experiences.

This month, we’re set to open the doors at our latest Studio: 007. Set in Cockburn, Western Australia, the new studio features our new state-of-the-art equipment and will be delivering our much loved weight, tempo and time technique in S30’s iconic low-lights, loud bass environment…. Cockburn fam ain’t going to know what hit them!

So who’s the dynamic duo behind the new studio? Introducing our newest members to the S30 franchise fam: Yelena Lambrichs, Brent Lambrichs and Gabby Firinshteiyn. Yelena and Gabby are two sisters that fell in love with S30 back in 2021 when they went for this first ever S30 sweat sesh. 

Less than a year later, they’re backing the S30 experience with their very own studio. Together with Yelena’s husband Brent, it was destined to be. So what is it that made this fam join our fam? We’ll let you hear it from them…

“Coming to S30 was so empowering for me — it’s so much more than just a workout. The culture that the team has cultivated at S30 is literally one-of-a-kind and I’ve really grown to love our community — or as we like to call them, fam — and am always excited to meet new partners and challenge them in each workout. The energy I got from simply coming to the studio helps prep me for the day,” said Yelena.

“My pregnancy really made me realise how attentive the trainers at S30 are and the importance of a high trainer-to-member ratio. Even when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy I was still hitting the studio and engaging in the workouts with the help of the S30 trainer crew. They guided and supported me to continue to train and I’m forever grateful for their attentiveness. We say fam a lot, but members really are treated like family at S30 and that’s no doubt why they keep coming back!”

So we’ve given you the DL on Yelena, but what about her S30 Studio? Well, that’s now receiving its final touches, with the launch of the hottest new training experience Cockburn has ever seen earmarked for early August.

S30 Cockburn is one of the many new S30 Studios set to open in 2022 as we continue to take over one city at a time… stay tuned for more news — this time from the Eastern seaboard!

Until then — big love.