No longer a leisurely weekend affair, Studio Games SS22 will be hitting homies hard and fast with the studio heats running over ONE day. 

This means that competitors will be tested even more than before, with much less recovery time between workouts. That’s right, the ultimate test of strength and endurance is now even more amplified. 

Each studio will battle it out to find who has what it takes to show up on Finals Day, where all local S30 studios from the state come together to compete for the ultimate trophy… bragging rights. Oh, and a $1000.00 cash prize for the winners of each group — no biggie.

The workouts themselves are also a bit different, focusing more on our hybrid style of training for all three – incorporating weights though, of course. So what can you expect? Well, fam, we don’t like to kiss and tell but we’ll let you in on a taste…


We’re kicking off with a clean start to the day, featuring a real mix of reps that will have you thrusting, burping and snatching as a duo.


Light up your inner spirit with our second round that will see partners rinse and repeat reps over odd and even minutes. Your feet may be dead by the end of it, but at least you’d have gotten a killa leg workout.

ROUND 3 — 30 REPS OF S30

Now this one will set you off with a deceivingly sissy start…. You’ll be jumping and crawling like an animal and you guessed it, there will be thirty reps of each exercise. I mean, we have to make it challenging don’t we? It’s the last round before finals after all!

Now when it comes the Finals Day, well, that’s a secret we actually can’t tell or the training team will have us for it. Maybe if you’re lucky we’ll drop some hints on our Insta — so keep an eye out.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your S30 bestie and sign up now via your studio.

Big love, fam.