Homies and Gains. Name a better duo. 

“Beyonce and Jay Z?” Yeah ok we get it and yes we totally walked ourselves straight into that.

“Peanut butter and Jam?” Totally subjective, but low key gross.

“Blue skies and cocktails?* Ok, that’s enough from you lot.

But let’s face it, life is better with friends and here at S30 we’ve dubbed August as the month of ‘MAKE GAINS AND HOMIES’, MG+H for short – we’re working on it being a calendar holiday. 

We don’t know about you, but sometimes the encouraging look from one of our homies helps us get through those last two or three cals on the assault bike… and those are the hardest. So MG+H is here to make accountability a little easier and give us the push that we sometimes need, from our homies.

So what’s MG+H all about? 

For the month of August, S30 is giving you two 2-week unlimited trial passes that you can pass on to whoever you feel would benefit from the S30 experience. Someone who you think would froth our offerings and would bring accountability with only one, teeny tiny catch – they have to be brand new to S30. 

Sharpen up your sales pitches though, because with each homie sign up of yours, you get a lil somethin’ somethin’ from your studio. One homie sign up, one perk. Two homies sign up, two perls. Simples.

S30 Perth Flagship pocket rocket, Katelyn Preston, has some words of advice…

“S30 has definitely become a huge part of my everyday routine, each day I’m feeling stronger than the last. I have noticed a huge difference in my body, I’m someone that has always stuck to weight training, so it’s been a huge challenge for me to keep up with the cardio aspect, in saying that, it’s significantly improved my level of fitness, but I think the main thing that kept me on my feet was having my girls around. 

“Accountability means so much when you’ve got a cheer squad, it makes training so much easier and enjoyable. Even though I’m relatively new to S30 I just feel so a part of the community and it feels good – plus I’m excited to keep smashing it with my homies by my side”.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Oprah on… “YOU GET A PASS, and YOU GET A PASS”. 

Make Gains and Homies. The gospel truth.

Big love, fam.