Take all you know from previous iterations of Sweatchella, add a dash of SF2021, a sprinkling of S30 HQ spice, mix liberally, pour onto a baking tray and BAM!

SWEATFEST 2022 is here, looking good and tasting sweet. 

It’s been a LOOONG time coming and we may not be entirely returning to our OG roots but boy-oh-boy do we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Spanning 7 weeks, 49 workouts and 3 community events, SWEATFEST ‘22 will take homies on the ultimate accountability journey as they compete in pairs and earn points leading them towards the ultimate goal of S30 glory and of course some epic prizes. 

Fam who take out the big bosh will score themselves a 2-night all-expenses paid trip to the Tiwi Island Retreat, including flights from Perth. It’s a prize we don’t really want to give away but we have to… boss’s orders, ugh boring.

SWEATFEST is our version of an end-of-year challenge but as we don’t do things by the book, we put our unique spin on the fitness scoring system. Our S30 programming team have structured a series of workouts designed to create a benchmark fitness scoring system — with SWEATFEST fam doing the exact same test 7 weeks apart. 

No scales, no shirtless before and after pics, no measurements. The only numbers you’ll see are the performance gains you’ve made from 7 weeks of intense training. It’s the way a fitness test should be.

Oh and we can’t forget about our community events! S30 is delivering vibes high and fast with our hero event, BRAINS VS BRAWN. It’s a tale as old as time – but who REALLY comes out on top? We’re going to figure it out, the S30 way.

All of the above, coupled with some epic community spiriy and a kickass end-of-challenge block party is what S30’s SWEATFEST is all about… a recipe for sweet, end-of-year, success.